Physical Education - Mr. Greeby
Welcome to Physical Education at DIS
with Mr. Greeby
"A Healthy Body is a Healthy Mind"

Have a WONDERFUL Summer. See you in September and don't forget to stay active for 60 minutes or more each day.

Office Hours: Monday through Friday from 9 am to 12:30 pm

Join me on my PE Google Classroom
Class code: tk5fwdz

Please email me with any questions. 

I challenge you to create new activities and share them with me. 

Remember your creativity and imagination is your greatest piece of equipment when it comes to physical activity/exercise/play. 

Try your best to get your 60 total minutes a day of physical activity and write it into your activity log for PE class. Activity Log can be found on my google classroom page or on the left hand side of my website.

GoNoodle, Adventure 2 Learning, OPEN, PLYOGA Fitness, and FlagHouse are great resources to use! Click on them below.


Adventure 2 Learning

(Online Phys. Ed. Network)
created by US Games/BSN Sports

PLYOGA Fitness



Are you outside doing your PE Homework??
60 total minutes or more each day?

DIS Playground Games  

 Please don't forget to wear them for PE class.


Please wear your sneakers to PE class. You will be unable to participate in class if sneakers are not worn. Please make sure you check your class schedule.

    DIS DAY Schedule for: Summer Break see you in September!
    If you don't remember what day number you have PE check out "PE Day Schedule" on the left side column of website

    Monday: Day 1

    Tuesday: Day 2

    Wednesday:  Day 3

    Thursday: Day 4 

    Friday: Day 5 



    Keep this in mind each day. 

    1. Get out and exercise/play for a minimum of 60 total minutes a day.

    2. Hydration is essential to physical activity.  Kids need a minimum of eight,  8 oz. glasses of water per day.

    Our Current PE Units:
    3rd grade: Rolling, Tossing, Throwing, Catching
    Stretch we are learning: Sideways Arms Swing

    4th grade: Parachute
    Muscle we are learning about:Abdominal

    5th grade: Adventure Activities 
    Bone we are learning about: Femur