School Counselor- Mr. Brian Gregson


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Mr. Brian Gregson
DIS School Counselor
Phone: (856) 764- 5100, ext. 1802

The Role of the School Counselor

As the School Counselor at DIS, I strive to support the academic, emotional, and social well-being of students and families.  As part of a network of specialists within our school, I work very closely with our teachers, school nurse, child study team members, principal, and assistant principal in order to best serve the entire DIS community.

I meet with students individually, in small groups, and visit classrooms to share lessons with an entire class.  My meetings and lessons are always scheduled at the convenience of the classroom teacher.  Individual or small groups of students may be invited to eat lunch with me to discuss a particular issue, resolve a conflict, or simply for fun at a student's request.

Referrals for school counseling services may come from students themselves, teachers, administrations, parents, the Intervention & Referral Services Team, or the Child Study Team.  Please note, the services of a school counselor are not intended to, and do not, replace the long term therapeutic support of a highly trained mental health care professional outside of the school system.  If you need assistance in finding a counselor or other mental health care provider for your child or your family please contact me.

My favorite part of being a school counselor is getting to know the students and supporting them as they grow and learn!