Co-curricular Programs

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Choral Music Program at at Delran Intermediate School

Come and sing with us! Delran Intermediate School Chorus!

Chorus is open to 4th and 5th Grade students. There is no fee to join. The only prerequisites to join are a like or love of singing, a desire to be part of a singing group, and the ability to follow rules, instructions, and procedures. Chorus members must present their best behavior during rehearsals, events, and music class, in order to remain in Chorus. Fifth Grade Chorus rehearsals usually begin in late September/early October and end in December. Fifth Grade Chorus members perform in our Winter Concert, which is usually in December. Fourth Grade Chorus rehearsals usually begin in late January/early February and end in April. Fourth Grade Chorus members perform in our Spring Concert, which usually takes place in May or June. Permission slips are given out a few weeks prior to the first rehearsal for each grade level. Permission slips must be filled out and signed by a Parent or Guardian, and returned to the Chorus director by the date on the Permission slip.

After-school Band (Late busses are available after all regular rehearsals)

All band students are required to attend after-school band at least once a week. Absence from Band will only be excused if the student is absent from school or if a note is provided by a parent explaining the need for the absence.

Beginner Band

Students in their first year playing an instrument are considered "Beginners" and are required to attend "Beginner Band" which meets every Wednesday after school in the DIS Gym from 2:40 to 3:40.

Advanced Band

Students in their second year playing an instrument will be considered "Advanced" (provided they can display a minimal amount of expertise) and are required to attend "Advanced Band" which meets every Monday after school in the DIS Music Room from 2:40 to 3:40.

NOTE: Second year, Advanced Band musicians are welcome to attend Beginner Band as helpers as long as they provide a note from home allowing them to do so, and provided that they HELP! This would be considered a "commitment" and their attendance will be counted on each week.

Additionally, first year Beginners who advance quickly may be invited to join the Advanced Band in early Spring. If the student (and parents) accepts such an invitation, attendance at all Beginner Band rehearsals is still required.

If you have any questions about our instrumental music program, please contact Mr Dorfman