Gifted and Talented Instruction

Students identified as gifted and talented by the district will receive enrichment instruction for 120 minutes during each 5 day schedule cycle. Research has demonstrated that when classroom learning in these part-time grouping arrangements incorporates extensions of the curriculum, students can experience more than a year’s worth of academic growth. Additionally, students experience increases in self-esteem and view themselves more positively in other settings (Rogers, 2006).  Students will participate in a wide array of activities tied to the curriculum, including service learning projects and projects that emerge from the interest of the group.


Several factors are considered when identify students to participate in the gifted and talented program. Those include:

  • IQ scores as measured by the CogAt or Slossin
  • Scores on NJ ASK (AP in Math and LAL) and/or MAP assessment (90th percentile or above)
  • Classroom Grades and Performance (All A's and ME or EE)
  • Teacher Recommendation