Grading in I&E

Grading during the Intervention and Enrichment Period

For students participating in the Word Journeys and Gifted and Talented programs, numerical grades will be used. The following breakdown is utilized to calculate students’ grades:

Assignments & Assessments


Participation & Preparation



Please note, since the students are homogeneously grouped and the instruction is specifically targeted to their levels, a very high rate of mastery is expected. As a result, the overwhelming majority of students are expected to perform high “A” level work during this period.

For students participating in Reading Plus, Fundations®, Project Read: Phonics and Linguistics™, Wilson Intensive Intervention, or Just Words programs, letter grades that fall under the special area subjects will be used. Assessments in this program are formative in nature and used strictly for diagnostic purposes; therefore it is neither practical nor fair to assign traditional letter grades to the students for their work. The following letters will be utilized.

P- Progressing

Student is making consistent progress towards meeting the objectives.

     S- Satisfactory

Student is making satisfactory progress towards meeting the objectives.

 N- Needs Improvement

Despite intensive intervention, student is not progressing at an acceptable rate. Improvement is needed.