Pearson Online Support

Pearson SuccessNet
Students and parents can log on to to access resources and materials related to math.
  • Virtual manipulatives, such as shapes, money, place value blocks, and others, can help students visualize and solve problems.
  • LogoPaths software is used in the classroom during the geometry units. Students can manipulate a virtual turtle using what they've learned about lines, angles, measurement, and other geometry concepts.
  • Forgot your Student Math Handbook? No problem--log on to access your Online Student Edition (OSE) and see full-color images of every page in your Math Handbook. The Student Math Handbook contains examples of problems and different solutions, so you can see how the concepts were explained in the classroom.
Logging On:
Your teacher will provide you with your login information. If you're having trouble logging on to Pearson SuccessNet, please contact your teacher for your username and password.
  • Student usernames are "dis" followed by the username they use to log on to the computers at school.
  • Student passwords are the same as the ones they use to log on to the computers at school.